DiscoveryCampus Inc

A Few Words About Us

For over a decade, DiscoveryCampus has developed and provided innovative online education to medical professionals and patients.

We are a unified team of healthcare professionals that interfaces with our own in house interactive animation department to produce dramatically effective courses in a variety of disciplines ranging from Physician Level to Clinician Level to Patient Level.

To date, our healthcare courses have all been accredited and have been accessed by professionals at all levels. They include; specialist and family physicians, clinical managers, nurse educators, nurses and therapists.

We have partnered with many organizations including: The Ministry of Health, Ontario Hospital Association, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Canadian Patient Safety Institute, Lung Associations, the Canadian Infectious Disease Society, Department of Infectious Disease at McGill University, and the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Why Choose Us

Over 10 Years of Experience in Developing and Providing Exceptional State-of-the-Art Courses.

Our partnership with various member organizations allows us to have a large reach when it comes to engaging medical professionals and changing their practice.

People Love to Learn Using our Online Modules

Our modules are designed to engage the user. We provide them with a new experience each and every time. This results in greater knowledge retention, change in practice and significant cost savings when compared to live events!



"Utilizing DiscoveryCampus we were able to successfully launch a new hospital wide initiative by educating over 300 nursing staff members in 30 days and saving 70% in our usual training costs."

"When it came to educating our over 200,000 Hospital Members on the new Accessible Customer Service Legislation, we choose DiscoveryCampus."

"After the tremendous success of the initial Nationwide campaign on Hand Hygiene, we decided renew again with DiscoveryCampus."