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About Our Company

We Are A Team Of Dedicated Education, Multimedia and Computer Professionals

Our Services

Learning Management System (LMS)

DiscoveryCampus is a complete turn-key e-learning solution. Our data tracking system allows you to track user's progress and identify any learning gaps that need to be addressed. We manage all of the courses, content, server maintenance and hosting of the modules so that you can focus on what you do best- your business.

Healthcare Professional Education

We have a vast library of FREE CME and other health care courses in various topics specifically for health care professionals. Check out the ``Course Catalogue`` for a complete listing.

Custom Course Creation

We create custom accredited or non-accredited online courses that are tailored to meet and exceed all of your educational and marketing needs. Talk to one of our representatives to learn more on how DiscoveryCampus can help your organization and its customers.

LIVE Professional Web Broadcasts

DiscoveryCampus can come to you or you can come to us in our green screen fully brandable studio, to broadcast your event over the web. Be it Facebook, You Tube or an invite only private stream we've got you covered. Of course, these ca be pre-recorded as well and used for video based courses or web-series episodes.


Webinars can be done from directly from your desktop, we take care of registration, email out and follow up evaluation surveys as well.

AR/VR/MR learning

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are new and innovative ways to drastically increase the retention and effectiveness of elearning. We produce AR / VR / MR learning units from inception to completion.

Few Words About Us

For almost two decades,  DiscoveryCampus has developed and provided innovative, interactive and fun online education to medical professionals and patients.

Patient Safety

In health care today, patient safety is more crucial than ever before. With the increased focus on patient safety there is strong need to evolve an organization's patient safety culture. DiscoveryCampus provides products and services to help your organization succeed in meeting and exceeding your patient safety objectives. Please contact us to learn more about how DiscoveryCampus can help meet your organization's patient safety goals.

Continuing Medical Education

Our FREE interactive CME programs are developed in partnership with our International Medical Advisory Board who ensure that the content is current and based on best practices. Each of our CME programs meet the strict guidelines of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and The College of Family Physicians of Canada. Please contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Patient Education

Patient education is a critical component in the success of any disease management strategy. For the past 10 years we have been creating patient specific modules that help people understand their disease and help them achieve their management goals.

e-Learning Management Solution

DiscoveryCampus e-learning management provides your organization with a complete turn key solution. We have the capability to create, host and maintain all of your organizations educational modules. A unique feature of our courses - much less commonly available in current on-line material - is their tractability. This enables the provider to generate live reports to track the number of users who have taken the course, their pre-course and post-course knowledge profiles and a compendium of other information. Contact us to discuss how you can save up to 70% in educational costs.

Why Choose Us

Over 18 Years of Experience in Developing and Providing Exceptional State-of-the-Art Courses.


Our partnership with various member organizations allows us to have a large reach when it comes to engaging medical professionals and begining to change practice patterns.

People Love to Learn Using our Online Modules.



Our modules are designed to engage the user. We provide them with a new experience each and every time. This results in greater knowledge retention, change in practice and significant cost savings when compared to live events!



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