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Hear from the Experts: COVID-19 Vaccines and MS


February 8, 2021  7:30PM EST  (1 hour)

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What does a COVID-19 vaccine mean for people living with MS?


Join Dr. Jodie Burton to learn more about COVID-19 vaccine information and the current guidance for people living with MS. Dr. Burton will provide information on coordinating COVID-19 vaccination with DMT use and share the current high-level guidance* for people living with MS. Dr. Burton will also outline the information to date regarding COVID-19 outcomes for people living with MS and look at the current approved vaccines.


*Please note guidance provided is general in nature and questions regarding specific situations must be
directed to your healthcare provider.



Dr. Jodie Burton

Dr. Jodie Burton obtained her BSc in Life Sciences in 1996 and her MD in 2000 at the University of Toronto. She then undertook a Neurology residency at the University of Toronto, which she completed in 2005. She spent the next two years (2005-2007) in a Multiple Sclerosis fellowship with Dr. Paul O’Connor and obtained her MSc in Clinical Epidemiology from 2006-2008 (both at the University of Toronto).  She was on staff at the MS clinic at the University of Toronto from 2007-2009 until she joined the department of Clinical Neurosciences and the MS program, as well as the department of Community Health Sciences, at the University of Calgary. Dr. Burton is currently an Associate Professor and a full member of the MS research program with the University of Calgary’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute.

Please note, this webinar will be conducted in English with simultaneous French translation.


If you have any questions please call Andria Samis at 647-264-0016 toll free: 1-866-922-6065, or email at: Andria.Samis@mssociety.ca


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This webinar has concluded. For a replay please check the MS Society of Canada youtube channel a few days after the broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/user/MSSocietyCanada