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Mental Health and MS… During a Pandemic

Thursday May 14, 1PM EST  (1 hour)


An extraordinary situation such as the COVID-19 pandemic can trigger all sorts of emotions and reactions. In this kind of new and unpredictable context, it’s all too easy to feel swamped by one’s own emotions. To help people with MS and their families see things clearly, we are presenting a webinar that will cover some commonly observed emotional challenges, which can be aggravated during this pandemic.


Geneviève Primeau, a neuropsychologist practising in Lévis who is renowned for her expertise in the field of MS, will talk about the different kinds of mental health issues that can affect people with MS, and their underlying causes. She will also explain when it’s time to feel seriously concerned and consult a professional. Advice and strategies to promote better management of your emotions will also be presented.


This webinar will be conducted in French with simultaneous English translation.


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