Parkinson Canada Webinar


Simple techniques for relief from stress, fear and anxiety

Monday June 1st, 12:00pm EDT (noon)


This webinar focuses on holistic practices and wellness routines that you can incorporate throughout your day to help with resilience and good rest. Discover mindful breath practices, meditation, cognitive behavioural therapies, relaxation techniques and sleep routines.


Nicole Mahabir is the founder and director of JAI Wellness, a platform for health education, mindful living and wellbeing. For the past 15 years, Nicole has led professional IAYT, YA and EBNMP certified programs, teaching nutrition, meditation, Ayurveda, yoga therapy and natural rejuvenation practices. When she isn’t teaching, Nicole creates integrated, sustainable health protocols for her busy clients, and leads international corporate and wellness retreats. Nicole is a senior contributor for CBC and has been featured in City Post Magazine, Oxygen, Now Magazine, The Do Manifesto and The Huffington Post. Follow Nicole on Instagram @jaiwellness or visit her website: jaiwellness.com


Nicole Mahabir
Jai Wellness