Preloader image

Pre Broadcast Presenter Notes

This is your camera, showing you what it sees.
You can check your background and symmetry.
After you have done that we recommend turning it off
because this large dark background area will show you
and the other panelists / presentation.

To turn off, or toggle the self view click this icon.

This is the chat window.

Conversations in this window are only seen by the
presenters group, we recommend having it open
in case the production team needs to communicate
with you, or you them during the broadcast

To toggle the chat window view, click this icon.

This is the settings panel.

If you are not using your default camera and microphone
you can change them here and click reconnect.
Changing settings is not usually required.

To open settings, click this icon.

These icons toggle the signals from your camera, microphone
and screen respectively.

We do not recommend using them during the broadcast unless
absolutely necessary.

* If you need to mute, using your headset mute switch is preferred.
* If someone elses camera is full screen, we will automatically mute

If you happen to disconnect, simply reload the window.
(browser refresh)

To toggle the chat window view, click this icon.